Single Girder Overhead Crane have Shipped to Nigeria

A customer from Nigeria want to buy a overhead crane, here are detailed request he sent to us:

1. Single/Double Girder Crane : Single
2. Lifting capacity (t):5
3. Span (m):14.5 meters
4. Lifting height (m): 7 meters
5. Crane traveling lenght (m): 20 meters
6. Use/Application: Mechanical parts and tools for compressor maintenance
7. Control methods: Remote control
8. Special needs: manual/mechanical crane, non sparking
According to above message, we design 3D drawing first and begin to produce the single girder overhead crane after our clients agree our lifting solution for his needs, And our customer was very satisfied with the design.


Production of Single Girder Overhead Crane:



Until now, we have export our products for decades, more than 50+ countries clients have bought our overhead crane, gantry crane or jib crane, all of the heavy crane that we installed are running well now, such as, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, South Africa, Nigeria, Thailand, Singapore, etc. Each clients have their own special needs, we support customization and ensure products quality for each clients.

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